Thursday, April 9, 2009

Symphony Show House

The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra League is a group of volunteers who do a lot of fund raising for the symphony. Every year they host several programs including a ball, a series of elegant dining events, and the symphony show house, which opens tomorrow. The League features a different house each year. The best interior designers in the area collaborate to decorate and furnish the home. It's always stunning. Every year I look forward to the show house because, to be honest, interior decorating is not my strong suit. I tend to hang pictures in a straight line and hug the walls with furniture. I find it interesting to see how professionals put a house together. The ideas I've gleaned from show houses over the years have helped me fake a better sense of style.

The show house runs from tomorrow, April 10th through April 26th. There is a cafe open daily with really good food. Several string quartets from the symphony are scheduled to play at the show house, so if you time your visit right you will be treated to a feast for the ears as well as a feast for the eyes.

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