Monday, April 27, 2009

The Great Outdoors

Did I miss something? Spring, for instance? It seems to me that we went from unusually cold weather to temperatures in the mid-80's and skipped everything in between. Ah, well, I won't complain. The truth is, I love this time of year. It's sunny and warm, but not too warm, and everything is lush and green: perfect weather for spending time outside.

The late spring warm-up has arrived just in time for two outdoor concerts the KSO has coming up later this week. At 6:30 on Friday, May 1st, we will be playing on Market Square as part of First Friday, and at 7:30 on Saturday, May 2nd, we will be performing in Maryville at the Greenbelt Amphitheatre. Both concerts are free. The program for these concerts is a good mix of light classical pieces including a Rossini overture, a few movements from Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream, and selections from The Sound of Music.

For the Market Square performance there are usually some chairs set up near the stage. In Maryville, you would be wise to bring your own lawn chairs or a blanket to sit on. A picnic basket full of goodies is a nice touch, too.

By the way, these are excellent concerts to bring children to because of the relaxed atmosphere. If a child gets antsy, it's very easy to get up and walk around without disturbing your fellow concert-goers. My husband has been bringing our daughter to the KSO's outdoor performances since she was an infant.

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