Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A World of Joy

It's time for another Q Series episode! This Wednesday at noon, the Principal String Quartet and Principal Woodwind Quintet will bring a blend of well-seasoned classics and Christmas cheer to the table, to complement the delicious food provided by the host Square Room's kitchen. The Principal strings will preview our January 29th Bijou Theatre concert with a movement each from the Beethoven op. 59, No. 3 and Tchaikovsky D minor quartets. The Woodwinds will feature a suite from Bizet's Jeux d'enfants or “Children's Games.” (“Jeux” is pronounced to rhyme with “milieu,” and “d'enfants” becomes “dawnfawnce,” with the “n” sound merely hinted at, but not pronounced. I know, it doesn't sound anything like it looks-- darn those French with all of the silent letters in their words!)

There's a chance that as many as 3/5 of the wind quintet will be arriving at the concert on two wheels. Flutist Johanna Gruskin and oboist Claire Chenette log a lot of miles here and there, and clarinetist Gary Sperl is a renowned biker, but I daresay it is faster for him to walk to the Square Room from his residence.

Johanna and Claire


December is the time of year when musicians are busier than mustard trying to ketchup. The coming week for the KSO, however, is Clayton week. This year's production is filled with bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, heaven and nature singing, Prancer and Vixen, and some snow and mistletoe. We shall take the road before us and sing a chorus or two, while visions of sugar plums dance in our heads. Maestro Demirjian's first Clayton Holiday Concerts will showcase GO! Contemporary Danceworks, the Powell High School Singers, mezzo-soprano Allison Deady, and the Knoxville Choral Society along with YOUR Knoxville Symphony. This weekend's concert times will be Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30, with Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3. A certain North Pole resident is planning on appearing, with his usual elfin entourage and a sackful of delightfully irreverent humor.

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