Friday, July 4, 2014

Such a perfect day

It's here! The founding fathers had exactly such a day as today in mind when they were picturing a 4th of July celebration. It's 82 degrees and sunny, and memories of rainy 4ths in 2009(?) and 2013 shall be banished. In fact, record low temperatures are possible tonight, so hold on to your glow sticks, people..YOU ARE GONNA NEED A JACKET LATER. I never thought I would say that in July. In Knoxville.

Parking is very much available right now. There are typically more people on Market Square at the Saturday farmer's market than there were when I just came through downtown a few minutes ago. (3:00 pm). While you may find a dandy space, consider what it will be like when leaving. The 11th St. garage is very close to the venue, but traffic can be pretty gnar afterwards. It's a good place to park if you are going to stay downtown or on the strip after the fireworks; by midnight- but maybe not much before- it should be cleared out. Sometimes parking downtown is a good option, if you don't mind walking. It's a long schlep with a cello, but I've done it.

Please come join us in  Lucas Richman's final 4th of July concert, tonight at 8:00 at the South Lawn of the World's Fair Park!! God Bless America!

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