Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Images

The Clayton Holiday Concerts were a joy! I've gotten a lot of great comments and kudos. Making music and art with very good friends from a variety of avenues of my life always helps me get in the spirit of the season. I was hoping to have more pictures than words on this post, but well, now I've blown it.

The view from the lighting board.

A KSO quartet playing at West Town Mall last week. Clockwise, cellist Ihsan Kartal, violist Eunsoon Corliss, violinists Ruth Bacon and  Rachel Loseke.

Violinist Stacy Taylor is so much more than a violinist. She laid the violin aside this time, and ran the John Horner-designed lighting panel at the Civic Auditorium, which husband Sean Claire says is like being a soloist on an instrument which is seen and not heard. Christopher Sanders is "That Man Over There." To Stacy's right is Santa's dietitian, Ginger Breadman.

Associate Concertmaster Gordon Tsai in a winter wonderland. 

The brass got a dusting of snow; from the right, principal trombone Sam Chen, principal trumpet Cathy Leach and her trumpet elves, Marc Simpson and Sean White.

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Stacy said...

Andy, I don't get quite THAT much credit! Lighting Designer John Horner creates the beautiful lighting for this show, and Diana Jacobs runs the lighting board for the performances. Diana and I work as a team--I call the cues and she makes them "go"!