Sunday, October 28, 2012


Face it. You are not going to enjoy driving around looking at leaves today. It’s a rainy, messy mess. There are still tickets left for the opera, it’s nice and cozy warm in the Tennessee Theatre, and you need a laugh. So why not? After that, the UT Symphony Orchestra is putting on a concert tonight at 7:30 at the Alumni Gym. James Fellenbaum (that’s German for “busy man”) will lead the orchestra through an all-Russian program, including Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. KSO violinist Rachel Grubb will be on the podium to conduct the Lieutenant Kije Suite of Prokofiev as well. Another overture, Glinka’s Russlan and Ludmilla, will open the show.

We at the KSO welcome violinist Rachel Loseke to the fold. She is from South Dakota but has been living in San Diego. She studied at the Cleveland Institute of Music, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in 2009. She is very much a cat person and has brought a couple with her here. She was very gracious and tolerant of us at a recent fête in her honor chez Stacy Miller, and was not intimidated by the fact that it was a costume party.

Speaking of James Fellenbaum, here are some images (like so many  pics on this blog, courtesy of cellist Stacy Miller) from the Young People's Concerts.

Here are Fellenbaum and concertmaster Gabe Lefkowitz getting a lot of wear out of their lab coats.

Violinist Rachel Loseke is at 3:00, with Ikuko Koizumi at 6:00, Liz Farr at 9:00 and Ani Bermudez at 10:45.

Some of the chemistry experiment paraphernalia from the show. Note that violinist Ruth Bacon has a very skeptical look on her face...

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