Friday, July 6, 2012


Well, I WOULD have posted my 4th of July pictures yesterday if the danged power hadn't gone out. I was without power from 6:15 pm to 3 am, plus my phone battery was dead so I was pretty much not here yesterday. Everything seems to be fine now, but you never know. I better post quick.

Misting stations were in evidence at the South Lawn. Although the musicians really could have benefited from this, we wanted to at least START the concert with dry clothes.

New this year (I guess) is this slide. Again, sadly, inadvisable for musicians' use.

There was a flyover. Thankfully, off-limits to musicians.

Our vocal soloists, Natalee Louise McReynolds and Alex Temple Ward flank Maestro Richman.

Violinist Ilia Steinschneider and his adoring fans.

The cello section had some adoring fans, too...

Players from years past often rejoin us for the concert on the 4th. Betsy Fee Elliott (sister of violinist Mary Anne Fennell) is at far right.

Tympanist Mike Combs and bassist Steve Clark gear up for the show.

Cellist Stacy Miller could not be with us, but her daughter Cecilia made her debut with the KSO cello section!

More smiling faces: pianist Carol Zinavage...

and violist carol Tucker and cellist Alice Stuart.

This could only be Knoxville.

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cmmoxley said...

Great job, sir! Glad you folks stayed out of harm's way. Although, the heat. . .The concert was so much fun. Thanks a million.