Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Santa...

Another Christmas is approaching, and even though I am just dreaming, there a few things that I want the music world to receive.

-A Brahms Octet for strings
-Mozart Cello Sonatas
-Beethoven’s 10th
-Brahms Cello Concerto
-a Wagner comedy
-Bartok Quintet for piano, violin, cello, oboe and trombone
-Schubert string quartet, “Death and the Taxman
-Schubert Symphony # 20
-Copland “Fanfare for the Common Cold
-a Fugue for Ten Horns
-A chalet overlooking Pachelbel Canyon
-a voice-operated page-turning mechanism
-Stravinsky “Camaro Suite
-a Honda Fugue (to follow the Prelude)
-I really just generally want a ricercar
-I would like for those “Allegro” RVs to actually travel at least andante
-a Black and Decker variable speed reversible cello bow
-an atmospheric resubstantiator which could reconstruct all of the music that Brahms burned
-I would like for choral conductors to just say they are conducting in 8 instead of being so fancy-schmancy and telling us that they are conducting in a subdivided 4.
-a fugue for Texas Instruments
-a National Semi-conductor, so people in the back stands of violins can see better. (I know, big government, but it’s an idea whose time has come).
-a video of Ravel and Debussy racing through the wine list at Les Deux Magots in Paris
-I want to put some Crumbs in a Byrd Cage and watch the Byrds get Bizet

There. I guess that about Rhapsodup.


Liz Farr said...

I would like to have all our music put on I-Pads, with the bowing changes made by the first stand and automatically entered on each. Plus a page turning foot pedal.

Sarah said...

I love your Christmas list so much that I wrote a bit about it on my blog, Quodlibet, so that others may enjoy it, too:

Very clever!! I especially love the idea of recovering Brahms' burnt scores through an "atmospheric resubstantiator." If only it could be true.

KSO blogger Andy said...

Thanks, Sarah! An interesting Hartford connection. You blog about people I know from half a lifetime ago.