Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well, Maestro Richman is a very busy man. Busy winning Grammies, busy having his picture put on billboards, busy having a day designated as “Lucas Richman Day”..... it’s no wonder that he hasn’t had time to do an interview about his Grammy. But I would definitely like to share this photo of the Maestro and his bling and comment about these other honors.

Imagine having a Grammy delivered to your door- by Fed-Ex!! When the delivery person realized what it was, Lucas had to wrestle it from her.

At the Knoxville Symphony League luncheon last month, Knoxville Mayor Dan Brown proclaimed May 18th “Lucas Richman Day, and County Mayor Tim Burchett named the next day as “Lucas Richman Day” in the county. Senator Lamar Alexander sent a representative to the luncheon to honor Lucas’ Grammy award. In a tender ceremony, 5-year-old Maggie Davis presented Lucas with a rose and a drawing she did depicting her attendance at a Family Concert which inspired her to want to start playing the violin. Congratulations Lucas!!!

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