Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final Chamber Classics Concert

As usual, the end of the season has snuck up on me. Weren't we just celebrating the holidays with the Clayton Concerts?! The KSO will perform it's final Chamber Classics Concert of the season this Sunday at the Bijou Theatre. This concert is a special one because there are a few things happening that are out of the ordinary.

* This is the last time Mark Zelmanovich will appear with the orchestra as a soloist while he is the concertmaster of the KSO. Mark will be performing Tchaikovsky's Meditation.

* Also on the program is the Concerto Grosso by Paul Ben-Haim. This is a piece that is not often performed, and if there even is a recording available, it has proved difficult to locate. This Sunday may be a once in a lifetime chance to hear this work. It is a neat piece: it's not terribly often that a work for a smaller orchestra not only calls for contrabassoon, but also gives the instrument an important solo. (Listen for Cora near the beginning of the Chaconne.)

* Have you ever attended a concert where the conductor simply left while the orchestra continued to play? It might just happen this Sunday....

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