Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing with the REAL Stars

This Thursday, April 1st, our very own Maestro Lucas Richman will be participating in Knoxville's Dancing with the Stars. The proceeds from the event will raise money for East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

On a personal level, I think East Tennessee Children's Hospital is a terrific place. Of course, you never want your child to wind up there, but if they need medical attention, it is THE place to be. As a parent I have spent enough time at Children's to be on a first name basis with a lot of the staff. My daughter was premature and had a host of complications. In her first three years of life, we spent a lot of time at the hospital, seeing specialists affiliated with the hospital, and going to physical, occupational, and speech therapy at Children's Hospital Rehab Center. Now, at age five, Alice is a normal, healthy, happy little girl. There is no doubt in my mind that we owe this to the hard-working physicians, nurses, therapists and staff of East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

There are a few ways you can participate in Knoxville's Dancing with the Stars. You can attend the event on Thursday and watch Lucas do the Fox Trot. There will be other people dancing too, but we all know that Lucas will be the one to watch! If you can't be there, you can vote for Lucas online. Each vote is only $1. The great thing is, you can start voting NOW before he even dances! Also, no one is limited to a single vote so feel free to stuff the ballot box for this great cause!

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