Monday, February 1, 2010

The Grammys

Congratulations to composer Jennifer Higdon, who grew up in Seymour, TN; for her Grammy win last night! Higdon won the Grammy for Best Classical Contemporary Composition for her Percussion Concerto.

As I watched the Grammys last night, I couldn't help thinking about what symphony pops shows will be like in another 20 years or so. It's easy for me to picture Taylor Swift performing a symphony show. Chris Botti is a no-brainer. I can even see Pink, The Dave Matthews Band, and Beyonce performing with a symphony in a dozen years or so (not together...). The Black Eyed Peas? Not so much. The thought of Lady Gaga performing with a symphony is both frightening and intriguing. (Much like Lady Gaga herself.) If it ever happens, I want to be there.

If you missed the Grammys or you want to check out the winners in categories that weren't featured last night on television, the entire list of nominees and winners can be found here.

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