Friday, January 16, 2009

Blogger's Night: The Aftermath

(From Stephanie Burdette)
Thank you to those of you who attended the KSO's Blogger's Night last night. I had a great time getting to know you and I am enjoying reading your blogs. I will post them, along with photos, on this page as they come in.

Photos (on Flickr)

Well Behaved Bloggers
Frank Murphy Dot Com

KSO Blogger Night
Half Way Through the Symphony
The Rest of the Symphony
The Round Table

Preview Blog: Soon I'll Hear a Symphony
In Perfect Tune With The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
Pattie's Pop Culture Paradise

An Evening With The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
Knoxville Tennessee Real Estate Blog

A Night At the Symphony
This Is My Real Blog

A Night With Mendelssohn, Mozart and Bach
Chris For Liberty

Cheers, Decadence, Poverty and the Littlest Pianer I Ever Seen
Two Ells

Symphony Night - Rewind
My Good Life

Music To My Ears
Shots Across the Bow

Bloggers Are Those Who ... Blog
Jason, For the Love of God...

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Blogger Night Success!

Reality Me

KSO Blogger Night
Do Justice and Love Mercy

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
Mark and Leigh Ann

An Evening With The Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

Rocky Top MBA

Now For Something Completely Different
Stever B

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

Jeremi Bergman


Jim Lee, Knoxville REALTOR said...

Thank you for a wonderful evening; I enjoyed meeting you and all the rest.

Boriqua said...

Thanks again for such a terrific experience. And I finally set my review post to go live. Helps if you do that. :)